EveryTrail trips as Google Earth Tours

Today Google is launching a great new feature in Google Earth: Google Earth Tours. With the new Touring feature, content can be viewed as one-click slide show experience. EveryTrail content is now available as Tours in Google Earth. Read the press release is here.

Some featured EveryTrail Tours are below. Just click the links to download these trips into Google Earth.

* First download the latest version of Google Earth here
* When Google Earth opens, click on “Start Here” and then on “Play Tour”
* Make sure “Terrain” is enabled: check the Terrain box at the bottom of the Layer section in the Google Earth sidebar

Half Dome Hike, California
half dome google earth

Bintall Trek, Switzerland
The Alps - Google Earth

Alaka’i Swamp Trail, Hawaii
Hawaii Google Earth

Sailing, Southern France
Southern France  Google Earth

Cape Pillar Trek, Australia
Australia Cape Pillar Google Earth

Tierra del Fuego Trek, Argentina
tierra del fuego google earth

After you downloaded one of the above files, start your Tour by clicking on “Start Here” placemark, and then clicking on “Play Tour”. Enjoy!


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