Offline Maps for Android Pro

Today we are happy to announce possibly the most-anticipated new feature: downloadable maps for offline usage!

With the EveryTrail Pro app for Android you can now download map tiles for a trip or guide, or manually select a region and download all maps within that region.

Downloading Maps for Guides and Trips
When you download a guide or trip you have the option to download the pictures, tracks, and now the map tiles as well. Select the checkbox next to “Maps” to download them. You can see all map regions downloaded by going to Menu > More > “Saved Maps”


Downloading Custom Map Regions
If you know that you will be visiting a particular area you can also download map tiles for that region ahead of time. Go to Menu > More > “Saved Maps” and select the “+” in the upper right. On this screen you can select your region by moving the map and pinching it to zoom. You can also select the zoom levels you want to download, but be aware that the more levels you download the longer the download will take.


This is great for when you go into area where you have limited or no cell coverage, or for international travel so that you do not incur high roaming charges.

To get the EveryTrail Pro app for Android search for “EveryTrail” in the Android Market.

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Thank you for your continued support of EveryTrail, and happy trails!


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